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My wife Sharon retired in June of 2017 after 25 yrs with a nationally known cleaning service. We renewed our vows in Aug 2017 at are Catholic Church. She began having back pain in September .After ,she tried to apply for SSI disability and was denied. The pain continued to increase.I took her to the free clinic here in Philadelphia and test finally discovered two tumors and blood clots in her right knee and left lung. She was hospitalized immediately on January 23rd.She is going to need Surgery to remove two tumors ,one on her colon,the other on her pancreas. Dr’s are saying cancer stage unknown. We don’t have insurance,The bill is devastating. We need all your prayers and help . Sharon is a true “God is my light”soul .Loved by her family and friends .God Bless.

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You guys are truly amazing! What a fantastic idea you've had. Your site has totally helped me more than once when I've been in quite a bind, and I have Cystic Fibrosis -- so I have a lot to deal with. I have (and continue to!) recommended you to several friends who need help obtaining their meds. Thanks so much! I'll pray you continue to get funding so that you can keep helping more and more people. - Amy H.

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